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Benefits of a low carb diet

The point of a low carb diet isn't to count calories, but rather to eat all you want in order to prevent hunger. Eat until you no longer feel hungry without stuffing yourself is the answer.

A low carb diet consists mostly of consuming fats and oils which keeps your appetite under control because the food is very satisfying. This high fat diet, combined with a low amount of carbs actually keeps your metabolism maintained at a normal level. Eating too much fat is not always good so try to limit your consumption of trans-fats (margerine) and eat more good fats like nuts, olive oil, canola oil etc.

In time you will notice

- Longer, more noticable weight loss
- Lower levels of insulin
- Lower cholesterol
- Lower blood pressure
- More overall energy

After you have taken the weight off, and your body is back to normal, you may go ahead and start putting more complex carbohydrates into your diet.

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